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Buying Companies

How it works

SupplierOne is a supplier discovery platform used by buyers to find new suppliers. Suppliers can create free profiles with the information buyers need to know when evaluating your company and your products.

Once a completed profile has been approved, it is available with buyers looking for new services in your categories. Suppliers can provide detailed information about their products and provide options for buyers to connect with them to express interest.

1. Register your company

Build a detailed company profile that helps buyers learn about your company.

Register your company
Register your company

2. Showcase your products

Highlight your products and services for buyers to discover your information in one convenient place.
Showcase your products
Showcase your products

3. Connect with buyers

Provide multiple ways for buyers to connect with you.
Connect with buyers
Connect with buyers

4. Grow with us

If you fit a buyer's needs, you have just won a new client!
Grow with us
Grow with us

Register your company

By submitting your information, you will be entered into our supplier database. If one of our customers has an opportunity related to your submission, they will contact your organization for further information. A submission to the database does not guarantee a business opportunity.


Safe and Secure

Your information is safe. We will never ask you to provide pricing or other confidential information. You control the information you want to share. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Need help?

We are always happy to help. If you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact us.